• Continuos Integration:
    • Automatic desktop build (linux, windows, osx, HTML5)
    • Automatic HTML5 deploy to Github pages
    • Automatic HTML5 deploy to itch.io (thanks to josephbmanley and to Andrea-Miele)
    • Automatic Android builds (thanks to croconut and Andrea-Miele)
  • Scenes loading with graphic transitions (fade-in/out)
    • You can still play individual scenes for quick development
    • Input prevention during scene changes
    • Singlethread & Multithread
  • Game pause handling
  • .gitignore
  • Follows official GDScript guidelines (tested with gdlint)
  • Compatible with other Godot addons

Many features were implemented only thanks to the help of:

Also many tools were already available in the open source community, see the Thanks section.

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